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From Millbio’s Advisory Board, the latest news on food, nutrition and sustainability.

June, 2023

Innovation in food production processes is key to supporting the drive to a more sustainable food system: and sitting at its heart is the role of new product development and reformulation, and the very latest ingredients.

For this reason, we have established an Advisory Board composed of experts in scientific subjects related to the world of food and food ingredients. The Advisory Board sits twice a year and is open to all Millbio semployees and key customers with the aim of raising awareness and informing about future issues and trends. The last appointment was held in June, 2023 in Milan involved our experts on topics such as:

Nanomaterials and preservation – “Can nanomaterials improve food preservation and reduce spoilage risk in packaged foods?” – Prof. Piersandro Pallavicini (Professor of General Chemistry, expert in nanotechnology)

Sustainability and circular economy – “We have read many words on sustainability, but we can be practically proposed to the bakeries how to improve sustainability?” – Prof. Carlo Santulli (Food Innovation expert at School of Science and Technology, University of Camerino)

Claims and regulatory – “Ultra processed food is the new enemy and every is natural: which claims are allowed to convince customers packaged food is the good choice?” – Prof. Neva Monari (Lawyer since 1986 specialized in food law, practicing in the Supreme Court since 2000)

Microbiome – “How can a positive or negative impact on the microbiome be practically measured?” – Prof. Maria Rescigno (Professor in General Pathology and Group Leader of Immunology of mucous membranes and Microbiota) and Prof. Gary Frost (Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Imperial College London).

The next meeting is scheduled for beginning of November 2023 and will probe deeper into the topics already covered by introducing new subject matter.

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