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CREATING SENSORY APPEAL for bakery products with


Natural Color, Intense Taste and Aroma for More Appealing Products

Our malt range is ideal for creating highly-digestible golden, tasty bakery products.

Malts are indispensable ingredients for doughs with starters and flours with low amylase activity

Adding malt ingredients to the dough leads to more active dough fermentation and big air pockets in the crumb for lighter, more digestible bread.

Breads and cakes take on a more intense golden color, due to the caramelization of the large amount of sugars that are left after fermentation.

The Maillard Reaction binds the remaining sugars to amino acids, producing fragrant aromas and intense taste.

MALT IT is a range of powder malt products processed only from first quality barley malt in different colors (caramel, chocolate, dark).